Life lately

Hi everyone!! I thought in between the motherhood posts, I’d give you a little update on what the family has been up to.  Continue reading

Holidays on a Budget; a weekend in Geraldton

Spring in Geraldton is full of fun and community events.  There’s Midwest Artdrive, the Sunshine Festival- part of the Festivals on the Foreshore, school holiday activities at a variety of places, the Northampton Airing of the Quilts (need I go on)

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6 ways to Reconnect as a Family

In the hectic pace of life, recently it has felt like I am always travelling in an opposite direction to my husband (both figuratively & literally).  We seem to be spending time as a family for an average of 15 minutes a day- mostly filled with nagging- before we all separate again to go about our day to day life; school, sport, community bits & pieces, it’s never ending and I’ve found myself tiring of it.  Even though I know it will all come to an end soon enough, and that the majority of this disconnect has been caused by a hectic time on the farm it doesn’t make it any easier to stay connected in the here & now.  So I’ve put together a ‘go-to’ for others in a similar situation, who may be just as time & energy poor but still desperately need that special family time just like us.   Continue reading