Out & About with a new baby; what were my must haves

Anyone who has had to take a small human into public knows it’s not as simple as hauling them around in your arms.  The amount of stuff you have to take with you can get ridiculous, and it’s hard to know what you might really need, and what is just taking up space.  I was recently asked what were the things I used the most and so I’ve made a list of the 5 things I have used a lot in the hopes it will help cut down on the unnecessary ‘stuff’.  Continue reading


New Mum Etiquette: How to visit a new baby

Oh I’m so excited!  So many of my friends are having babies, and everyone knows the most precious baby moment of all is visiting the new addition (and glowing Mumma) in hospital- but just pause for a second- there are some pretty important things to consider if you want to have a snuggle with that beautiful bundle and not put the new parents out- here are my top tips Continue reading