Stop, drop & roll- 3 things to do when you are overwhelmed with life

No it’s not a fire drill!  Lately life in our household has been frantic.  Not only have we been running through daily life as per usual, but we have also just been through ‘show season’, where we volunteer at the 3 local agricultural shows around us.  Add on a few ‘bonus’ bits and pieces (hello football windup, sick kids and various unexpected events- I’m looking at you) and you have a frazzled family and an overwhelmed Mum (that’s me).  So I’m sharing my 3 coping strategies for getting through your week when you are feeling overwhelmed.

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“Me Time” or lack thereof

Recently on the Fat Mum Slim, Photo a Day challenge the theme for the days photo was “Me Time”.  Unfortunately this took place on a Saturday- the one day of the week I am pretty much guaranteed to get absolutely no time for myself, but it got me thinking- what do I do to look after myself? What do other women, Mums or even anyone at all, do to keep themselves on track- what do we do for me time (and when do we get it!?) Continue reading