Farm Wife Life; when the paddocks are bare.

It’s hard to explain, to someone who hasn’t lived ‘in the bush’, what it’s like to be here day in day out.  There’s a lot to love about living here, when I’m not finding creepy crawlies in my house.  One of the hardest times to live in a small town is when the industry around you is struggling.  This is especially true if the reason a year isn’t going well is due to something as simple as rain.

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Life Lately; Autumn

What have you been up to? I’ve been busy. Really, really busy.  I know that’s really not much different to usual, but I have pictures to show you for once, so here it is, what I’ve been doing with my time lately. Continue reading

This is home; why I love where I live

It feels like an awfully long time ago that we moved to Mullewa, it was harvest, I was pregnant and we lived in an old, run down farm house 32km on the East side of town.  It was hot, dry, and so beautiful I fell in love.  Apart from moving to a different farm (this time closer to the coast, yay!), and now having 3 kids not much has changed.  I still love the country we live in- the red loam soil, the way it takes only the slightest rain for everything to turn green and pretty, and the community we live amongst is still as strong and vibrant as ever.   Continue reading

a M.A.D evening of Lino Printing

I know countless numbers of people are wondering just what happens when you combine a handful of people, some ink and sharp tools of a lazy Sunday afternoon, so I though I’d spare you a trip to Mullewa and give you a peep.

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Farm Wife Life; down by the creek

Sometimes it’s the littlest things that make me love living where we do.  Good friends, and being surrounded by beautiful land are two things that make my heart sing.  With a hot and humid few weeks and lots of power outages I’ve been struggling to find my love of farm life, but a gorgeous afternoon playing at the flooded road crossing has sorted me out!

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Holidays on a budget; a visit to Perth

A visit to your nearest state capital is something many people do routinely, but with Perth about 5 hours away  from us (more if you drive with 3 kids and a husband in the car) it is somewhere we go for a visit on once or twice a year.
It’s a time that we can stock up on clothes from somewhere other than online or a chain store (me), complain about the traffic (husband), explore new parks, make new friends and catch up with the old ones, and generally shout at a level 50 decibels more than appropriate (the kids).

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Farm Wife Life: No Power

Anyone who lives in rural WA knows just how annoyingly common power outages are.  Some are for planned work, some are due to lack of maintenance and others are due to inclement weather, and sometimes it seems like the power goes off for absolutely NO REASON AT ALL!  Continue reading